So, during the past few days I have been doing some observations into the male role. I have realized that men do not know the power and influence that they have on society. As much as we females might be feminists, the fact is,the male figure has a tremendous impact on everything.

The reason why there is an uprising of feminists in the first place, is because females are trying to fill the gap that has been formed by males who do not own up to their roles.

We have daughters who grow up with deadbeat, non-supportive dads. These girls end up depending on men who will eventually mistreat them all because they are trying to fill the gap created by the absence of a present male figure. We have sons growing up without dads and eventually going down the wrong road because they had no male figure to guide them. When these sons grow up misguided, they do the same thing to their sons and the cycle continues. When is it going to stop?

Our world is going in the wrong direction because we have males who use their natural authority to misuse rather than to uplift. They use their natural strength to abuse rather than to protect. They have their natural power to destroy rather than to create.

Young men we need you to stand up. We need you to realize the power you have as a man and use it for good. Use it for betterment of our society. You are capable of such great things. Do not repeat or carry on the mistakes of your fathers.

So society, what is your take on the male role? Are you aware of its significance?


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