So, what exactly is survival?

what is survival?

is it passionately fighting for what you love

or is it the courage to let go

is it strongly standing for what you believe in

or is it passively agreeing with others

is it working extremely hard to earn things

or is going along with what life hands you…

…what is survival?…

I have had to ask myself this question many times, why? Because i’m surrounded by people who share different views and opinions about what survival truly means, what being a survivor means. The fact is we all face different challenges in our lives. What may seem fine and usual to me might seem unbearable to you and vice versa. In order to survive emotionally, mentally, physically etc we all make choices based on our own past experiences and opinions on life. I find it really unfair when people call others “weak” just because they are the type to rather ‘let go’ instead of ‘putting up a fight’.

To me survival is doing whatever you feel is best for yourself at that moment . Whether or not it makes you seem weak or strong it does not matter. What matters is your personal well-being. Survival cannot be measured with a standard measurement , it is unique to you. Your method of survival does not work for anybody but you and that’s the beauty of it . So whatever you have been doing in order to keep your head above the waves keep doing it, if it works, keep doing it!


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