Ballad of a Beggar

He sits upon his self-made couch made of a torn grey blanket which is placed on top two flattened cardboard boxes this couch he'll skillfully convert into a bed tonight. he tells himself its comfortable after all, there is no luxury in these streets.   He gets up and rolls his blanket and folds his … Continue reading Ballad of a Beggar


Who am I?

I am who I am And like gold amongst silver I am unique The ordinary get confused by my uniqueness And instead of wondering, they laugh But I say Don’t tease me because you dont like what I like Don’t tease me because of the way I look Don’t tease me because my best friend … Continue reading Who am I?

Purpose: found. finding.?

Purpose. According to the Oxford dictionary the  noun form of the word Purpose means: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Or : A person's sense of resolve or determination. The verb form means the following: Have as one's intention or objective. At some point in our lives we have … Continue reading Purpose: found. finding.?

Why should i?

This poem i wrote after reaching a point in my life when i realized that i was giving people the power to hurt me. After realizing this instead of complaining i started to take back that power and it made all the difference. So my question to you is who are you allowing to hurt you and how are you going to take back that power?